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Grow Kit


Our Magic Mushroom grow Kit contains approximately 650 grams (excluding

Grow Kit 49.00


Our Magic Mushroom grow Kit contains approximately 650 grams (excluding box) of mycelium of the Stopharia Cubensis, in a sterile and completely organic substrate of vermiculite and wheat.

The Grow kit is very easy to use. All the work has already been done for you. Just work clean and keep an eye on the temperature and humidity levels (see below). And you will harvest up to 300 gram of your own Magic Mushrooms.

The Grow Kits are made once a week by our grower. Therefor the shipping can be delayed a few days. This to assure you will receive a fresh and potent Grow Box.

PREPARATION:The Grow Kit is easy to use. Simply take the cover off, and place the container in a larger plastic container, a bucket or a small aquarium. Cover the bottom of the aquarium with one centimeter of water (0.5"). Note that the Grow Kit should not float in the water.

Spray the Grow Kit with some water, use a hand spray if possible. The Grow Kit should be kept sterile. Do not touch the mycellium, wash your hands before picking the shrooms and always use sterile water or water that has been cooked. It is important to keep the Grow Kit sterile to avoid contamination.

Close the opening of the container (bucket / aquarium) with plastic foil or glass. Leave an opening of 10 % of the cover or make holes to allow some circulation of air. The mushrooms will need some (day-) light to develop, but do not place the Grow Kit in direct sunlight.

The best temperature is between 21 and 27 degrees Celcius, with 24 degrees being perfect. The first mushrooms will grow after about a week. Harvest when the mushrooms are about 10 cm long, just before the cap opens. Normaly the first 'flush' can be harvested after 2 weeks. More 'flushes' (3 to 6) will come after this.

Gently twist the the bottom of the shroom in order to get them all out nicely. When you have harvested all of your shrooms you can put them out to dry. Put all of your mushrooms on a piece of paper and let them out to dry.


- The mycellium is very potent. We receive many emails from people who want to safe the mushrooms that are growing at the bottom or the sides of the Grow Kit. Well, unfortunately you cannot save them all. Just pick the shrooms from the top when they are ready. And so create new growing space for the new shrooms coming.
- You get the best results from the Grow Kit if you keep the temperature at 24 degrees Celcius. Also keep the level of humidity as stable as possible (avoid big changes).
- A white rasp can appear, about one centimeter from the surface of the Grow Kit. This is normal. But if the white rasp is getting above this one centimeter you should lower the level of humidity. This can be done by making more openings in the plastic foil to give more air to the mushrooms.
- The green color however is dangerous. This contamination is most times a result of not reaching the optimal growing conditions which makes the mycellium weak. If green spots appear you can try to cut them out and try to strengthen the mycellium by placing it in an optimal growing situation as described above.
- If the mushrooms are getting black harvest them immediately. These are getting old.
- Work absolutely sterile. Wash you hands, clean your nails, clean everything before you touch the shrooms, the container, the plastic foil or whatever. Do not touch anything if not needed. A clean environment also helps.
- Spray a little bit of sterile water on the Grow Kit after each flush (harvest).
- When harvesting, avoid to touch the mycellium to avoid contamination.

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